The Key™ Self-Defense Keychain

More angles of attack than available with a traditional Kubotan.

Innovative Self-Defense Keychain Prevents Assault… Are You Prepared?

You didn’t hear someone come up from behind…

You’re walking through a dark parking structure after work.

No else around. As you are about get in your car, your keys are firmly in your hand. Lost in thought about your day, you didn’t hear someone come up from behind.

When he grabs your throat, you react instinctively and jab out with your hand. In your hand is a Key to Self Defense.

It has become such natural part of your life, you didn’t even realize it was in your hand as you walked through the parking lot. It’s just part of your keychain and it goes absolutely everywhere with you.

The Key to Self-Defense can create a lot of hurt very quickly. After breaking the attackers grip by smashing his hand with one end of the Key and then jabbing the other end in his face, you have a split second window to make a run for it and get help.

You run as fast as you can and call the police. It’s only later you find out that this attacker has assaulted other women in the area and the others weren’t so lucky…

That’s what the Key to Self Defense kubotan is. It’s a way out, a surprise trump card, it’s that slim window of opportunity to change the outcome of a very bad situation.

Put the Key kubotan on your keychain today. We pay your shipping.
“At least 1 in 4 college women will be the victim of a sexual assault during her academic career.”

My Mission

I’ve seen many bad things happen to innocent people in my 20 year career as an LA County Sheriff. It’s important for me to empower people to protect themselves.

I’ve dedicated my life to protecting people and creating the Key to Self Defense kubotan is an extension of that mission. For your own future safety and well-being, I encourage you to keep reading.

Why Most Self Defense Devices Don’t Work

As a law enforcement and personal security professional, I can tell you there is a lot wrong with what is currently available as self-defense weapons and tools.

Pepper spray and stun guns are clunky and hard to use for users who are not properly trained. Untrained users of such devices are often just as likely to hurt themselves as their assailant.

Not to mention time and time again, the sad story of a victim who left their stun gun or pepper spray at home on the day that they were attacked because it was a hassle or they just simply forgot.

Whatever self-defense tool you choose to use, YOU MUST ALWAYS CARRY IT WITH YOU. And your chosen self-defense tool must be ready to be put to action in a fraction of a second.

This is why I strived to make Key something that is just part of your life, an epitome of form and function. You rarely leave the house without your keys, so by adding the Key to your keychain, you’re far more likely to follow through with carrying it all the time and having it when you need it most.

Put the Key kubotan on your keychain today. We pay your shipping.

More grip options than a Kubotan

The Shape

It’s such a simple tool, and as often with many things, perfection is found in pure simplicity. An improvement on a Japanese self-defense tool called the Kubotan (sometimes spelled Kubaton or Kobutan), I’ve added several features to fix the major weaknesses of the traditional Kubotan.

The Grip

First, if you’re in a life threatening situation, your hands will be sweating and you’ll be nervous, the grip of the Key has been molded to fit snugly in your hand so it doesn’t slip out of your hand when you need it most.

Striking Areas

With the new shape, you can strike and cause pain to your attacker from every angle (if you have a kitty kat or brutus keychain, forget about it, they only strike one way and are structurally more likely to hurt you than your attacker).

Because you can strike with any angle, your natural, instinctual flinch response to strike out with your hands is more likely to hurt your attacker.

You can strike with:

  • The bottom point in fist pounding motion
  • The top point in a sword thrusting motion
  • Your fist (gripping something like the Key in your hand makes your fist more structurally solid increasing the force of your punch and making it less likely that you’ll hurt the bones in your hand on impact)

Looks Like A Toy

The shape of the Key also gives you the element of surprise in a life or death situation. The Key simply dangles from your key chain without attracting undue attention and looks completely harmless at first glance.

To make it look even more like a toy, the Key comes in assorted colors (black, grey, and pink currently available). An attacker or thief won’t be able to predict that world of pain is coming his way.

No Special Training Necessary

While self-defense training is extremely important and I highly recommend investing time and energy into learning how to protect yourself with some sort of functional martial art, the Key doesn’t really require any martial arts expertise.

It’s designed to enhance any movements you would naturally do in a struggle. It becomes an extension of you. Still, practicing with it and learning self-defense techniques will only make the Key more effective.

With minimal training the Key can become an extremely effective pressure point weapon.

Put the Key kubotan on your keychain today. We pay your shipping.

Self-Defense Is a Mindset

As he held the Key in his hand, my friend Johnny Gyro (7 Time Karate World Champion and 9th Degree Black Belt) said, “when it’s in your hand, it’s on your mind”.

He was pointing out that true self-defense is not only physical but psychological. A person who carries the Key doesn’t feel or walk the same way as a person who doesn’t.

The Key when it is in your hand gives you a sense of reassurance that you can better deal with a dangerous situation if it should arise. It is license to feel less afraid, because you are no longer as vulnerable as you are without it.

By holding it in your hand, the Key is also a constant reminder to be careful and to be security conscious.

It is a reminder not to walk alone to your car or to your dorm room at night, it is a reminder not to take that short cut through a dark park just to save a couple of minutes. It is a reminder in your hand to make better safety decisions.

Made in the USA, Made To Be Unbreakable

It’s sturdy enough to break a wooden board or cement brick (seriously) with barely a scratch.

This is because I have the Key to Self Defense manufactured in the United States by a local factory that uses a nearly unbreakable type of plastic.

There are many self-defense products out there that will literally shatter at first impact because they are made in cheap factories overseas in attempt to cut costs (again, those kitty kat and brutus keychains).

The Key to Self Defense is inexpensive as it is because I want as many people as possible to be able to defend themselves properly. Don’t put yourself or someone you care about in danger by trying to save a couple of bucks on a cheap imitation.

Put the Key kubotan on your keychain today. We pay your shipping.

Who It Is For

I strongly recommend it for young women who are first off to college (the first few weeks away in college are statistically shown to be the most dangerous for young women).

Anyone else who often finds themselves staying late at work or traveling to unfamiliar places can benefit from the reassurance having the Key with them.

Although women unfortunately tend to be more vulnerable than men, any man will benefit in their self-defense capability from having one too.

Versions of the Key and similar tools are even used by various police forces around the world, as a safe, non-lethal violence deterrent tool.

Child Safe, Legal and Completely Non-Lethal

Unlike things like pepper spray, stun guns, or other sharp self-defense items, the Key is child safe. You don’t have to worry about your son or daughter getting their hands on it while you’re not looking and hurting themselves.

The Key is also not meant to permanently harm or disable someone. It is not a weapon. It’s designed in a way where it can almost exclusively be used for defense.

Unlike many other self-defense devices, it’s completely legal to carry in every state in America.

While sturdy enough to break a cement brick, the Key is entirely non-lethal. It’s just has the capacity to create enough pain and hurt in your attacker to give you time to get away.

Put the Key kubotan on your keychain today. We pay your shipping.

Too Expensive???

Absolutely not! Getting the Key is going without two cups of Starbucks coffee this week or skipping out on going to see that terrible horror film in theaters.

If you feel the Key is too expensive, then you may want to take a closer look at your priorities.

In reality, you can’t afford NOT having the Key with you. Give them to your kids, your family, and your friends.

As a former police officer who has seen too many bad things happen to good people and as a father of a beautiful, young daughter away at college, I give the Key out to everyone I love and care about because it’s important for me to keep them safe.

As I mentioned before it is a good gift for a student in college, or anyone else you care enough about that you’d do anything to keep them safe. I made the Key as inexpensive as possible for a reason. I want it to be widely available and accessible to anyone who needs it to stay safe.

Remember, whatever self-defense tool you choose, get it immediately. Don’t procrastinate and let it slip your mind. Get it immediately and always carry it with you. It’s no good to you being left on your desk at home.

Ask yourself: if I walked out the door right now and something happened, am I prepared?

Thank you for reading and God bless.

Stay safe,
Phil Strenkowski - Designer of the Key to Self Defense
Phil Strenkowski
Designer of the Key,
20 year Veteran of the
LA County Sheriff’s Department
Put the Key on your keychain today. We pay your shipping.

The Key™ could be taken away by airport screening personnel so when traveling by plane, be sure to pack it in checked baggage not your carry-on.

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